Thursday, June 3, 2010

Boo Tech Problems, Yay Birthdays!

Either my cameras have been lost or broken and I haven't been able to make videos, but I'm going start doing some regular blog posts.  More exciting than that though I will soon be the proud owner of an HD video camera!  I'm filming a documentary as my thesis project for school so it seems I will have a legitimate reason to own such a camera.

Yesterday was my birthday so I treated myself to a couple of birthday presents from

I'm having some trouble figuring out how to put these pictures in correctly so hopefully you can see them.

The first dress is the Seaside Park Dress which was a very reasonable $24.99.
The second dress is the Blue Sisters Dress at $49.99.
The first shirt was sort of an impulse buy.  At $47.99 it's way more than I would have liked to have spent, but they only had one left and... well it was my birthday dammit!  It's the Oxidized Copper Top.
The second shirt, the As A Cloud Top, was also an impulse buy but the price didn't make me hyperventilate so I'm really pleased about that purchase.
And then there was the 2 accessories, the $19.99 Braid the Storm Belt, and the $14.99 This Land Is Your Land necklace, which I am really excited about.  I have been needing an affordable belt for casual dresses and this seems like the perfect solution, and well the necklace just looked gorgeous!

I will post pictures an reviews once I get everything in, until then, Happy Summer everyone, enjoy the sunshine!


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