Thursday, June 10, 2010

Classic Looks Recreated, Vol. 1: Marlon Brando in On the Waterfront

Ok so today in my A Reflection of American Film: 1950-1999 we watched "On the Waterfront" and I'm not going to say anything intelligible about the film, but I am going to say... holy crap I love Marlon Brando, and the jacket he wears for most of this movie.  It really stuck out because everyone else was wearing plain jackets, and of course while its a black and white movie I imagined that the coat was red and black or something like that.

^^^ Pretty great jacket right?  Hey and how about that eyeliner?

I know I'm a little out-of-season with this post, but anyway I found these:

Unfortunately, both of these coats (1 and 2) are from Woolrich and each cost $189!  Also the plaid on both of these isn't quite as block like as it is on Brando's coat.  I have to say though the first one probably fits it better because it has buttons instead of a zipper...

 This one is a Levis bomber jacker for $195 but is closer looking to the Brando Jacket, though I guess really made for women.  I guess I'm having so much trouble finding a suitable dupe for the Brando jacket at a reasonable price because it's the middle of the summer and nobody is selling this stuff yet.

So on that note here's my nice summer interpretation of the Brando jacket in On the Waterfront:

It's not hugely original but I like it.  In keeping with the theme that Terry Malloy is a worker on the docks, I kept the outfit simple and not too flashy, we have the plain black jean shorts, I would do high-waisted but that's a personal choice, some ankle boots that are somewhat reminiscent of work boots and a nautical inspired statement necklace and a mautical rope bracelet because it's "On the Waterfront" .  I'm also imagining that that shirt-vest is red and black instead of gray and white here haha.  Photo credit: the shirt, the shorts, dark boot, lighter boot, necklaces left to right... 1, 2, 3, 4, and bracelet
So what do you think of my On the Waterfront style reinterpreted?  Sorry it wasn't more cost friendly, I had a hell of a time finding what I was looking for.  What about Marlon Brando, do you think he is one of the sexiest men that ever lived like I do?  I want to hear your thoughts!


Brando Jacket said...

Pretty great jacket.but more beautiful in black color.

Beth said...

Best movie quote ever: I could have been a contender

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