Monday, June 14, 2010

New Etsy Purchases Coming in!

I know I have yet to update with photos from my first Etsy purchases... since my camera is still on the fritz.  I'm still excited about some new things coming in!  (By the way I've just discovered that I can take photos on my new video camera so there should be pictures up soon!)

First I ordered a ring made out of an antique type-writer key from qacreate ,which is pictured to the right.  How neat is that?!  They have a bunch of neat thing featured in their shop, including; 
Authentic Baseball Silver Cuff LinksVintage Russian Moscow Subway Metro Transit Cuff Links, and a pair of cuff links made out of an old Map of New York City, featuring the Empire State Building and the NYSE.

I also ordered this beautiful Nautical Boatneck shirt from the lovely Maria at Lulu Letty from her OCaptainShop.  I'm very excited to receive this, it looks super cute, and super comfy!  I can't wait to pair this with a pair of washed out denim shorts, a pair of red socks, and some keds!

And last but not least I ordered this gorgeous baby doll dress from brownbagvintage , I dare you to look at this dress and not think it's super adorable!  The thing that I fell in love with instantly, was not only the gorgeous floral pattern but the pockets!  I just love some nice comfy pockets!

So That's all she wrote today folks!  Tomorrow I'm going to ride my bike to a farmer's market, and play with my video camera, so hopefully I'll have some great footage to put up!


Cydonian said...

I -love- that bottom dress, I wish I could pull off floral though. I only have one floral top and I loved it too much to put it back :3

Mamushka Marie said...

stripes are too good right now. love marias shop too and want to purchase too many things! also what a cute babydoll dress :) great finds
mamushka marie

Becky said...

That ring is so cute! I definitely want one now! ♥

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