Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Old Navy 30% Sale: Work Clothes

So I decided to take advantage of the Old Navy 30% off deal that's going on to get a couple of basics for my work wardrobe.  At the moment I have almost nothing that's "work appropriate" but it's getting to about that time, I'm applying for my first internship this fall, there will  probably be more after that, and someday (God willing) I'll have a for real and actually job to go to everyday!  So I'm starting now on building up an acceptable work wardrobe, I love "work" clothes anyway so I'm really pretty excited that I'm going to start having occasions to wear them!

I just figured this would be a perfect plain vanilla work skirt, and it was on sale for $18.99 in addition to the 30% off so why not!?

<<< This is probably more of a casual Friday kind of blazer, but it might work depending on the work setting, but it was on sale for $24.99, plus there was the 30% off so... I got it!

So what do you guys think?  A good use of a 30% off deal?  Where are your favorite places to buy "work" clothes?


Dannie said...

cute coat and dress, prety conservative but i guess its supposed to be for work n all ;)
my faave place to buy work clothes is f21, well actually thats my faave place to buy like, everything ;)
loove ur cuuute curls btw

Kelly's Joie de Vivre said...

I would love to buy clothes at F21 (it's right in my price range!) but NONE of the clothes there fit me, I'd need at least an xxl size in anything they sold there and they just go up to large... which is such a shame because they have so much! I'm in the process of a serious new diet and exercise regime so hopefully someday soon I'll be able to do more than just window shop F21!

And thanks I love it too, I never have to do anything to it!

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