Monday, June 7, 2010

A Romper for Kelly!

I am loving all of the rompers that are showing up everywhere!  I think they look super cute and I have been dying to get one.  So when I saw this beauty fluffypinkbunnies vintage shop page on Etsy I snagged it up quickly!

I think it's just adorable!  I would love to put a yellow or blue blazer over it :)  Unfortunately, I don't own either of those things at the moment! haha

I lespecially love this because my grandfather was a lifeguard on the jersey shore in the 1930s and it reminds me of the bathing suits they had to wear... my aunt has a photo of it, I wish I had a copy.

At any rate here's some old fashioned shore inspired music for your listening pleasure, The Drifter's All-Time Greatest Hits Under the Boardwalk:


What Would a Nerd Wear said...

ohmygoodness, that is so cute! i have been eyeing some rompers, too (but no purchase yet). can't wait to see how this looks on...

Kelly said...

You and me both! I'm just hoping it all fits well haha

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