Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I have the most amazing shoes coming in!

I haven't been this excited about shoes in a long, long time.  I wear a US women's size 11 and it's IMPOSSIBLE to find non-geriatric looking shoes in that size.  Amazingly, I seem to have struck gold TWICE recently!

This first pair is from Alice + Olivia for Payless:

Not only did they have them in size 11, but it was the only size left online!  This is truly amazing because I haven't been able to find clogs like this ANYWHERE in my size!  The heels might make me 6' 4" so I may not be able to see my feet from all the way up there but at least I'll know they look good! haha

This second pair is from Target:

I love the wood on the sole of these shoes!  Gorgeous right?

Anyone got a source for fabulous shoes for women with large feet?  What shoes have you been loving lately?


holly said...

I just bought those shoes from Target! I love them.

I also wear a 10 or 11, and Old Navy often has CUTE shoes on sale in our size..

Kelly's Joie de Vivre said...

I never even knew Old Navy had shoes other than flip flops!

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