Saturday, June 5, 2010

My very first Etsy purchase!

Well I'm still on a bit of a birthday-shopping high (shameful, I know!) So I decided to give Etsy a try.  It's really amazing how much you can find on Etsy, it's like the biggest thrift store ever!

I put in an order with 41stvintage for these two blazers:

I am on a weird over-sized blazer obsession lately.  I also ordered this blazer from ModCloth the other day:

I am not ashamed to admit that part of the reason I bought this blazer is because it's called "Blazer Saddles", and I love the Mel Brooks movie Blazing Saddles!  But the main reason was because it's a Linen blazer and I love Linen, particularly for the summer.

The only blazers I own currently are more form-fitting (though ill-fitting on me) and I just don't like any of them too much.  I have a great brown corduroy one that I bought in Old Navy years ago that I love, but it's a little snug.  I can't wait to get these in the mail, and will post pictures once I get them :)

Got to love birthdays!

Who are some of your favorite sellers on Etsy?  Got any recommendations? Do you love or hate over-sized blazers?


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