Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pick Me Up Video of the Day Number 3

Sorry I didn't have anything interesting to post today, I thought I finally was going to be able to post some pictures but my card reader is simply not behaving.

Well at any rate I started a film history class today, we're only covering films from the 1950s to 1999 which is a shame because some of my favorites come before that time period.  My all time favorite films have to be The Thin Man series.  Nick Charles is simply the most awesome baddest bad ass there is, not only can he solve murders but boy can the man DRINK!  Have you ever seen a drunk look so fucking classy?  So for those of out there who don't live lives of leisure like the Charles' here, this is a Pick Me Up Video of the Day to live vicariously through...


What Would a Nerd Wear said...

sounds like an awesome class! i love love old movies, but i (unbelievably) haven't watched any of the thin man! better get on it!

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