Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some of the Best Graphic T-shirts I've ever seen.

I have an odd obsession with collecting basic wardrobe items, tank tops in every color, t-shirts in every color, socks, etc, etc.  I've never really been a fan of graphic tees because I don't like to preach to people with my clothing but some of these are just too great to pass on.  The following T-shirt are all courtesy of Mental Floss Magazine, a great publication that is as full of useless trivia as it is stimulating facts.  This is their great store, Mental Floss Store, but I'm going to be focusing on some of their "women's fit" t-shirts.  Really I'm just posting some of my favorites, all of these t-shirts are aorund $17 a piece.  Enjoy!

Got to love your basics!!!


Becky said...

Hahah those are all so cute! I love idioms tee haha ♥♥

Elaine said...

Those are awesome!

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Megan Carroll said...

fun fun...

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